A 2-d game that XgenStudios made.
Guy: Dude why werent you in class today?
Dude : I was playing Stick Arena all day.
by DarkerWinter March 01, 2010
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The general downstairs area of hot lookin blonde barmaids. The term was first discovered at beachside resort in june of 2011. Ginas Arena if kept clean and tidy can a haven for lonely singleton men, that happen to be hung like horses ;).
Best maintained with a landing strip design.

Also prone to infection if the wrong lube or soaps are applied but other a tastey place and rolls off the tongue nicely?
Punani, Douche, Ginas Arena
by Thecomedian777 July 11, 2011
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The best arena in the world. In downtown Atlanta. Unique seat layout. Home of the NHL's Atlanta Thrashers! (and some shitty basketball team)

Great seats, there are no bad sight lines, come to 310 for a good old hockey game for only $35
I went to Philips Arena this weekend and saw the Thrashers win a thriller.
by Ilya June 16, 2006
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An indoor arena in downtown Lexington, Kentucky named after legendary UK coach Adolf Rupp. It is the current venue for the University of Kentucky Wildcats men's basketball program. With a possible capacity of over 24,000, it is currently the largest indoor arena/sports venue in the United States, and is considered one of the most intimidating venues in college sports, and is notorius for its sellout streak of 33 straight seasons, and the rarity of available tickets to UK games.
UK fan A: "Hey, Kentucky plays Vandy this weekend, wanna go?"

UK fan B: "In Rupp Arena? Sure, but you'll have to sell your kidney on the black market for tickets this time, I already gave one up for UNC last month."

UK fan A: "Damn, I gave one of mine up for the Louisville game."

UK fan B: "Well, I could sell some marrow, that should get us at least upper level seats."

UK fan A: "Sounds good."
by Anonymous2k7+82010 January 12, 2010
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A hub cap on a wire in front of the internet cafe known as The Arena. Arena Patrons Bob,Nick,Matt and Winsor frequently run outside to ring the arena gong.
Winsor was hitting the arena gong when nicked kicked it and sliced winsors finger.
by Winsor April 25, 2003
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Yo, why did Brent bring that arena turf over? Wuznt even worth the smoke...gave me a fat headache.
by Andrew760 April 21, 2011
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