A place where very small members of staff or administration can go to battle.
OMG letz go to teh admini arena so I can PWN u!
by Furiae! December 26, 2007
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Twice Arena is the best K-Pop Roblox concert group there is out there! Stan Twice Arena or else!
wow, twice arena outsold everyone!
by kang yeosang August 25, 2021
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A basketball player for the washington wizards. He has made the all-star team for the second straight year.
He is finally getting some of the repect he deserves although he is still underrated.
He wears the number 0 on his jersey because thats how many minutes people said he would play in college
Did you see arenas hit that crazy jumper last night
Yea. If the wizards didn't have Gilbert Arenas they would blow.
by RJazie May 22, 2006
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Skill Arena is a Balkanian SAMP server with 90% autistic kids. Owners are Deity and Goldfinger. 99% of staff and Role Play Enforcer team are autistic no lifers who are abusing their rank and think that they are Gods because of that shitty rank in a 15 year old game. The server is remembered for various rapes and DDOS attacks but its most remembered by the rape and genocide committed in early January 2020 by Mamojebeni Gang. They started raping the server with their almighty powerful leaders Shaka and Dawkins along with Kin, Daz, Moreli, Zeron, Corta, and other members. They raped it so hard that Deity canceled forum registrations for few days, banned everyone's IP address, deleted their accounts, and as he said "Spent Christmas Eve banning toxic autistic players for their worst curses".The gang continued raping the server and started filming videos where they are raping Ballas and Crips using all possible cheats. Skill Arena Administrator "Zevs" (Zeus) deleted everyone's In-game account and blacklisted them because they were insulting him. He, who lives in his mom's basement and have over 600 watched videos on his PornHub account named "ZevsSA" also called them names such as "Cancers", "Human trashes" and "Unsocial autistic kids".
Skill Arena is SA:MP server full of cunts and kids.
by Anonymous HH May 23, 2020
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A school full of snakey girls, boys too big for their boots, and a ton of unnecessary drama. If you want to be able to make friends there, you need to make sure you're not a snitch , or people will make your life hell.
Girl 1: "Hey, are you moving to Arena Academy?"

Girl 2: "Ew, definitely not, too many slags and they all think they're special! I'd rather go Barr Beacon."
by a lovely student April 22, 2018
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Naruto-Arena, also known as N-a is an online children's flash game based mostly on luck then on real skill, so therefore it is impossible to decide who is the best real player.

Naruto-Arena is arround 3 years old and suffered a major server crash,which would change the whole future of the game. Since the crash, all members you were registered before it were self proclaimed "vets", and anyone registered after is a "n00b".

After that, a new game system was created in late 2008, which was used as an excuse for old, worn up vetfagsto start sucking. (example one).

Naruto-Arena also possesses an incorporated forum, the main reason why most of the respectful players continue to play, in which the same topics are posted over and over again in an infinite loop of boredom. (see example 2).

Though as great as the forum may seem, it is becoming more and more rotten as time goes by. Newbies are not aware of Rule 33 and that's how attentionwhores became an infestation arround the forum. Also newbies don't know the difference between a scam and an honest offer, so they flood the boards with "I was scammed" topics, which usually lead to massive flaming.

Resuming, it is a children's flash game played by children, moderated by adults.
1 - "Vet": "I lost, but you clearly joined in 2009, if only this was the old ladder..."
Newfag: Lolnoob, you probably never knew how to play Naruto-Arena.

2 - "Newest topics:
Need streak team.
Help with...
Joos did 9/11
Team with Naruto"

Two hours latter.

"Need streak team
Help with same thing posted 2 hours ago
Team with Naruto"
by Mata_Ratos March 13, 2009
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An area of your office that pretends to be "busy-busy" working, when in actuality only catching up on Facebook and Myspace, making their weekly sporting picks, analyzing their fantasy football teams, and shopping online for Manpons (see manpon.) The productive area of the office, known as the "Engine Room" completes the majority of the work - however - the Slack-Arena is quick to take credit for this work.
A slack-arena is made up of multiple slackerinos - see slackerino
"The Slack-Arena at my office is 50% of the employees but probably only actually completes 25% of the work!"
by NIETS January 26, 2009
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