A more extreme way of saying "Are you kidding me?" This phrase is commonly used to express doubt, surprise, and sometimes displeasure.
Teacher: You got 56% on the Math final.
Student: Are you shitting me?
by amc91 April 25, 2006
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Are you kidding me! Usually said when someone is very surprised or taken back by something.
He punched him in the face.

Are you shitting me!
by werd11111112087277 May 11, 2008
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What you say when you hear something from someone that you don't beleive. Something unthinkable is being explained, your response. Reciprocated more often than not with "I shit you not".
p1: Dude, you guys got to meet Samuel L Jackson? Your shitting me!

p2: I shit you not dude! I shook the motherfucker's hand!
by Hyper-z June 24, 2005
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you must be joking, I cannot believe you, I think you are lying
you slept with that bitch last night? you shit me.
by Anonymous November 17, 2002
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If asked as a stand alone question, it means - are you out of your f-n mind?

If asked as a question at the end of a story or scenario, it means - how can anyone on earth stoop so low!?
Are you shitting me? I mean, is this for real? How can a human beings be so dumb?
by CaptainAmetrine December 11, 2019
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The total disbelief of the current situation, news or information.
Bill: "Peter, you sent over those TPS reports without the cover letter again. I need you to see me in my office."
Peter: "You gotta be shitting me!"
by The Mils Edition August 12, 2016
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