Are you fishing? Meaning looking for some or hinting that you want a complement. Fishing for someone to say something nice about you
-"my legs look so fat"
-"are you fishing? You're so thin."
by Jill Fill December 07, 2016
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fish you is used when you don't want to swear or if your arround little kids, insted of f**k you or other swear words. you can also say 'fish off', 'your a stupid fish' ect
fish you!!!
by smokeykit April 07, 2011
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A common phrase used to express gratitude for the presence of fish in appropriate social contexts.
- 'Hey, how come it doesn't rain salt water?'
- 'Because fish in the oceans eat the salt.'
- 'God, thank you for fish'
by TheManWithNoEars January 02, 2012
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A phrase to be used in a conversation when there is an awkward silence or nothing to talk about. Similar to "How 'bout them Knicks?"
Zach: Then I found out he crying in the bathroom
Adam: ....
Zach: So do you like fishing?
by 43Sandalwood May 16, 2010
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A threat often delivered to those who often deserve to be at the sharp end of it's deadly meaning. Commonly found in preschool classrooms and in chinese adult film stores.
"I'm gonna gut you like a fish, wear your entrails like a scarf, and use your kidneys as mittens, you goddamn cum guzzling piece of shit."
by Donald Blasko, PhD May 04, 2003
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