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1. the title given to someone high on the corporate ladder, in a position of authority, etc. who is also a douchebag.

2. a person who is not necessarily in authority over another but who is just a huge douchebag, i.e. on the scale of all douchebags instead of just on one ladder
Example 1: Jimmy is the arch douche of the accounting department.

Example 2: That guy is the fuckin' Arch Douche.
by grlwholvd January 26, 2011
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The Archdouche is a douchebag who's in a high position in the Corporate Ladder.
"Since middle management was letargic, I wrote this email straight to him, thinking I could find some assistance in getting my case sorted. As a response, this dick sent me some impolite three Blackberry lines, inclusive of an attempt at lecture in the form of part of sentences underscored..."

"hahaha, shit man that is typical David. He's the Archdouche of the Financial Department".
by Parcerito July 05, 2011
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Note the popped collar, gelled hair, stunner shades, and overwhelmingly misguided sense of self-importance; that man is a true arch douche.
by Absolutely Not520 February 11, 2011
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