A derivative of the better-known "Arabian Goggles", in which the skin of the perpetrator's nut sack is pulled down over the victim's eyes far enough that the victim is able to just barely see light through it.
"The desert sun was too bright for poor Jim. I just had to lend him my Arabian Sunglasses."
by Thousand June 6, 2005
When you place your ballsack over someones eyes when their sleeping so they can't see the light, when they wake up
Joe : Whats wrong Jack you look pissed?
Jack : My fucking gay ass room mate gave me arabian sunglasses while I was sleeping
by Gunfree September 16, 2008
the act of placing each one of a man's testicles in the eye rivets of a young korean girl.
oh damn, soobee, thanks for the arabian sunglasses
by dingle hopper April 29, 2003
When a man delicately places each testicle over each eye-lid of his partner.
Arabian Sunglasses. Sarah mentioned how bright it was outside today. So I offered her a pair of "Arabian Sunglassses".
by Pencil-Dick Jones April 10, 2011