A company that died with Steve Jobs. The company turned to shit when Tim Cook, a faggot, started ruling over the company. Now they make phones without headphone jacks, and laptops without regular USB Type-A ports
Advertisement: Look at the amazing new iPhone 7 and the new Macbook Pro
Guy1: I don't want that new piece of shit iPhone 7, without its headphone jack.
Guy2: And I don't want that piece of shit Macbook, without regular USB ports.
Guy3: I agree with both of you, BOYCOTT APPLE!
by MrDylanyay March 02, 2017
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A company that takes everything that is good and pure in a software developer's world and makes it satanic. There is a picture that has the top of the Apple logo spun upside down and has the caption "Apple/Whatever we shit out, you will buy".
Person: lel al da mikerosuft nubs kent taek da powr uv apple
Intelligent person: *ignores the stupid person, while working on his/her application that has functions only possible on Windows*
by kiefac September 18, 2014
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apples are unhealthy for you.
over consumption may lead to death.
Patricia had apples everyday and eventually died.
When examined for cause of death, they found a high level of apples and a neighbor had also seen Patricia eatting an apple the morning of the death.
by Dr Rosenburg XIXVIXX December 29, 2009
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A computing company that decided not to conform to the IBM standards, which ultimately ended the mass confusion that was the computer market in the 80s. They proceed to be cocky, and allow nobody to make Apple-compatible computers (called Macintoshes), aside from themselves. Their computers, unlike the X86, can't run a very wide variety of OSes, aside from the Apple brand and a few shades of Linux.
They are also the only computer company in existence nowadays that holds a strong fanbase, consisting mostly of closed-minded biased fanboys. These people will use such moronic arguments as "Windoze freezes soooo much lol!!!!" and "u kant get a virus on a mac!!!!11", acting as though the Windows chain of OSes are the only OSes you can run on an X86. They also consistently flood public places with their Apple propaganda, justifying the fact that they use a computer that is, standard-wise, 20 years behind (they most likely do this because they can't find any other way to occupy themselves on their computer).
Johnny bought a new Apple computer, then proceeded to visit every forum-based site on the internet and praise Apple, while mindlessly bashing those who disagreed with him. Typical Apple fanboy.
by Kulor January 09, 2005
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Also known as Adam's Fruit, that snakes fruit. A edible fruit found when you behead a male. Many varieties have been developed as dessert or cooking fruit or for making cider. It can also play songs and turn people into zombies. The only way to kill it is to put it in the washing mashine for at least 2 hours, or simply blend it.
Hey hey apple.
by MagicButtons May 04, 2011
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A Native "Indian" (North American Aboriginal; First Nations; Indigenous; First Tribes; AmerIndian; American Indian; Canadian Indian; Native American; Native Canadian; Native North American; Mixed Blood; Half-Breed) person who is "red on the outside, white on the inside."

Sometimes said in jest or humor, but more often derogatory.

It means a First Nations ("red") person who is either full-blooded and "acts
white" (ie: wearing a suit and tie; working in an office; talks and acts and/or thinks "White".)

It could be said about a mixed-blood person who is part Native and Part Black or Asian or "other" non-Native ancestry, but only if they presented themselves as being savvy or invested in or involved in the so-called "White" system.

Can also mean a "half-breed" of half Native/half White ancestry (mainly said by Native people, either jokingly or derisively, or a bit of both.) It does NOT refer to a Métis person, as that is a culture unto itself (of half Native - often Cree - people and Whites - usually French-Canadian or from the North West U.S.)

Can also mean an "urban Indian" (a Native person who grew up off the Reserve mainly amongst non-Natives.)
Can also refer to a Native person who grew up in the foster care system and does not know his/her roots; or (in this context, can even be a veiled compliment) a Native person who takes part in "Native life" (pow wows, visits to family on the Reserve, "Red Power" politics, etc.) but has been educated in the "White" system and is as familiar with non-Native ways of life and thinking as with Native ways.
Our Chief talks about bringing back our traditional fishing rights, but he's just an apple who wants to "bed down" with The White Man and make some fast money.

She looks Japanese, but she's an apple - her Mom is Ojibway and her Dad is a White guy.

Professor Red Cloud Dancing is well-loved by his people (the Sioux) and those non-Natives at the University - he's a good apple.

Poor Johnny Big Deer - he grew up in the White foster care system, and he doesn't even know any other Native people - he's an apple.

That apple Mr. Abbotossaway is our boss in Accounting and Manager for The District, but he has family on the Reserve he sees regularly.
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