A failed computer software company with pissy fanboys that are angry that an underdog company took the title of monopolization over computer software from them and put the company 6-feet under. And don't complain because no amount of bitching is going to change the fact that a "mighty" software company is hanging on by a thread with a fuckin' Mp3 player. Once the ipod is finnaly outdone, the company will be dead.(Thank god i can finally stop hearing morons trying to defend somtething like this).
"Hey did you see that new iphone from Apple?"
"Dude, I'd rather put my dick in a meat grinder than by a $600 dollar fuckin' phone."
by Sean GE June 18, 2007
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A quazi-craze in the baby name game apparently started by Gweneth Paltrow's agent.
Have they named the baby yet?

Yeah, the went all hollywood and the poor kid's gonna be called Apple.

by freestyle princess December 09, 2004
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An edible pomaceous fruit in the genus Malus related to pears.
The apple is an edible pomaceous fruit in the genus Malus relatedto pears.
by Plantwriter November 12, 2008
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an apple is a really yummy fruit that is one of my personal favorites. yum yum!!
Dominque: hey Bailee want an orange?
Me: no thanks I will have an apple yum yum!!
by Bailee Ring September 23, 2006
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1) A computer company that started in 1970s when two Caucasian males decided to start a business. Is famous for iMacs, iBooks, and iPods. All their products have a certain clean, rather professional look about them. However, the computers/laptops don't let you download certain games, like .exe because it's for Windows only and it's a diff. operating system.

2) Chris Martin and Gwenyth Paltrow's daughter. Apple Martin.

Mac OS X
Power Mac
Apple Cinema Display
Mac mini
Mighty Mouse
by lmaoweresoscene October 21, 2005
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a 4-8 player game consisting of only men standing in a circle surrounding an apple. The players start to masturbate, last one to ejaculate has to eat the apple.

losing is not an option
Joe: Hey, Hank. Me and the guys are gonna play a game of apple after school, you in?

Hank: Nah, I played that game three times before, and lost twice....apples just don't taste the same......
by assfaggot November 02, 2009
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