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aka hymen restoration, labia reconstruction,vaginal rejuvenation, labiactomies for pornstars...what have ya...!
in Jordan these days, it doesn't cost a girl who 'as been de-flowered to have it all back sewn together ..thankies go to the abundance of 'apperance gynaecologists' who don't over-charge the poor fucks any thing above 200 Ds ( dinars ..that's in the nieghuborhood of 300$ ), to cover up before getting ready to be married to a total mork!
I am afraid i will bore ya'all with TMI..but girls in the middle east in general; almost all of them, get sex before marriage through the Hershey, when the Day comes she can keep the frontal na-na passage closed like a Propel bottle seal cap! Man, for those un-lucky few girls who do the no-go zone.. the art of apperance gynaecology comes to their rescue.
what would poor girls do without appearance gyn? and hey..hey, one have to keep appearances. Doncha ya'all agree?
by hytham_hammer July 05, 2005
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