The high you get when you are about to use a drug. Not an actual high, but a feeling of being high before you get high. Similar to a contact high. Can make the police think you are high when they pull you over, but you were simply looking forward to getting high.
"Dude, did you smoke up before i got here?"

"Nah man, it's just an anticipation high."
by Chosen Sloth March 26, 2010
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When you need to get ready for a big night so you drink the night before.
Big sesh tonight, good thing I was anticipation drinking last night! I wouldn't have been ready otherwise!
by Shoobsknight December 5, 2018
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When someone sets an alarm clock, but wakes up just before it actually goes off.

Usually as a result of the brain anticipating that it will suddenly be awoken by a loud sound and therefore you awake without the need of the alarm.
"I don't know why I keep setting my alarm every morning, because I just end up waking up 10 minutes before it goes off".

"That's an Anticipation Awakening my good friend".
by Expanding The English Language December 6, 2010
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The anticipation and excitement experienced by a user on a social networking site when scrolling through comments to find the newest one
I had a bad case of scrolling anticipation when scrolling through 5,954 comments on a picture to find out what Adam said to Sal.
by Brandon Gibson June 11, 2008
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The feeling someone gets when something good or bad is about to happen. Or like when a battle is about to take place and every one gets real quiet right before the order is give to charge. It's a feeling that in and of itself is neither positive or negative. It's the defense mechanism that prepares us for what ever may come our way.
It's at the moment of anticipation, we all must make that hard decision to do or die.

anticipate moment
by Ornery Gorrilla February 14, 2016
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That brief period between when the driver gets in the car and when he unlocks the passenger door for a friend waiting to get into the car.

The passenger often tries to open the door a few times before it is actually unlocked. Sometimes the attempts to open the door and the actual unlocking of it coincide, and the attempt negates the unlocking.
Hey, keep your door lock anticipation under control! Quit trying to open the door until I unlock it!
by cindy whatever August 7, 2005
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That point in a school year, where summer break is finally in sight but still seems so far away. A moment in time where it's still too early to say, "Yay! It's almost summer!" but late enough in the school year where you just want to get out of there. Worse yet, those big scary exams are coming up, and you probably have a project or two that is worth more than half your grade lying around. Teachers are usually completing their curriculums around this time, and students have gotten noticeably cockier. Not to be confused with senioritis because this happens in almost every school year.
Person 1: Yay, summer's almost here!

Person 2: Dude, summer is still seven weeks away, chill out. You must have Summer Anticipation Disorder.
by Definers Galore April 29, 2013
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