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ANTICHRIST666 was the founder and original clan leader of the 666 Trinus Six Pro Vita TSPV Clan until he retired in 2009. Upon retirement, other's tried to lead the clan but failed miserably as they underestimated the amount of work that went into leading one of the most well known and respected clans of all time.
In The Beginning...
ANTICHRIST666 created the 666 with the belief that a clan, that truly valued and appreciated its members, would reign supreme over all others. Where loyalty and dedication are admired, reciprocated and rewarded. A clan that would support, advise and encourage one another. A group of individuals whose combined and collective effort would make a difference. The 666 would be a global-borderless clan. Where your religion, race, creed or colour would not matter. A clan that believed that YOUR contribution, YOUR opinion and YOUR voice is what really mattered. The 666 would be the first clan to bring people from all walks of life, together and unified.
In The Present...
The 666 has a colossal on-line presence. Our numbers, allies and solidarity are unsurpassed. We continue to be the clan that people want to join. Our professionalism and our discipline are the envy of all the other clans worldwide. The 666 is the only clan that is lavish with its praise but constructive in its criticism. Players who need training and support, GET IT! No 666 member ever gets left behind.
On-line gaming is just one aspect of the 666 clan. The 666 members personal expertise in such fields as Law, Construction, Finance, Communications, IT, Automotive, Graphic Design, Science, Farming, Missile Defence, Theology, Human Resources, Education and many, many more confirms its reputation as a clan that is a collective of great players and great minds.
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by TSPV September 20, 2017
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