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a custom practiced by idiot beautiful south african sweaty men having had a ploughmans lunch and moved trees but not recently been laid(one year plus time period).
dennis moved fifteen yew trees, nine beeches, and twelve pines. following this he indulged in cheddar cheese in vast quantities. he was a beautiful south african girl and as he bathed in the hot norfolk sun the village buffoon did sidle over from the bridge on which he sat with a large cucumber, or maybe a gherkin, noticing the dafter belter grafter. he did exclaim with much surprise "happy anti-shagerversary, now lets get in them there bushes and sort out that one year time period". dennis never had an anti-shagerversary again thanks to the joyful combination of much cheddar and large cucumber(or possibly the gherkin)!!!!!
by jenn ,lee ,and alexa May 17, 2007
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