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I am bigger than most chavs, so when a load of them (all about 14) tried to block my path on the pavement (because weze izz 'ard innit?), I punched the alpha-chav in the face without warning very hard and spread his nose across his face. He went down like a sack of spuds in front of me, so I "place kicked" his head. The others ran away because they were only used to pushing 12 yr-old goths around and not bigger people who fight back.
Someone call Rentokil to eradicate those chavs hanging around outside the village shop.
by fubarderby February 11, 2005
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One who opposes the chav culture and/or their ideals; often feel strongly about such matters.
Chav: "Ya mum! Bling bling"
Anti-chav : "What a dick."
by Martin February 09, 2005
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An anti-chav is a person who hates chavs. I hate chavs, and so do the rest of Britain. Chavs create nothing but evil, and suffering in this world. The law enforcement agencies do not have the ability to control Chavs so they roam around Britain making everyone's life a misery.

Chavs cause massive amounts of crime, and money loss to the Government, which means the good people of Britain have to pay for chavs. Alot of people hate chavs, but they aren't going to say it are they?

Soon the population of Britain are going to get really sick of there lives been negatively effected by chavs. We do not owe you anything. You don't respect us and our rights, so why should we respect you?
Commander: All the anti-chav groups are shit because they do fuck all.

Assistant Commander: Yea

Commander: I'm going to make a group called the British Liberation Army, with real intentions, unlike the rest of these shitty sites.

Assistant Commander: Ill make the site, that way we can get many more members and plan things allot better.

Commander: When we finish school in July 2008 we are going to teach the ChavScum of Britain a lesson.
by BL Commander January 22, 2008
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Basically, people who hate chavs and want to form a social club about it. The irony is they rightfully accuse chavs of being dumb, brutish, sheeple assholes but in doing so they themselves do the exact same thing.
I'm not anti-chav, I'm anti-stupid. There is a difference.
by C++ June 03, 2006
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Anti-Chav's are those that invented the term Chav as a derogatory term to those that bullied them in school. Anti-Chav's are usually spineless people who talk about the chav's in Internet discussion forums, Internet messege boards and around their friends because they never have the balls to stand up for themselves when they were being picked on at school.

Anti-Chavs Believe that when they talk about the chav's behind their backs they are doing the world good but in fact are only making themselves look more spineless because categorizing seems to be the in thing at the moment.

Anti-Chavs are usually but not exclusively Indie fans, Goths and all those that strive to be different by doing the same as everyone else who is trying to be different

see irony
Person #1: "I hate chav's"
Person #2: "Me Too"
Person #1: "I hate Chav's"
Person #2: "Me too"

Notice how nothing is ever done about it!
by Bozz January 20, 2005
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