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A hypothetical device that could be installed over the front of jet engines to prevent the problems associated with birdstrikes. Although such a contraption is completely unfeasible for many reasons, the question as to why it isn't the status quo in aircraft design was asked on Yahoo! Answers no less than 849 times (approximate) during the first week after the Hudson River ditching of an A320. Pending 4chan inclusion, this concept has hereby been nominated as a meme.
Asker #125: Why don't they install anti-bird grilles on the front of jet engines?

Asker #338: Putting mesh on the front of jet engines would've prevented the Hudson River ditching. Why don't they do that?

Asker #416: Aircraft engineers are stupid for not putting some kind of screen on the front of engines to prevent birdstrikes.

Asker #590: Why don't they put grilles on the front of airliner engines to keep out birds?

Asker #642: Somebody set up us the screen on front of engine jet?

Asker #711: Why don't airliners have anti-bird grilles on the front of the engines?

Asker #834: All your mesh are belong to us?

Answerer #1: begins shrieking uncontrollably

Answerer #2: foaming at the mouth

Answerer #3: Relax guys. These inventors are simply too brilliant to search answers for anti-bird grilles.
by Gun Arvidssen January 19, 2009
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