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The one thing every political individual can agree upon. Highly motivated throughout Europe, especially in Greece and Switzerland.
Came to be through the violence spread by Albanians (aka savages).

Albanians killed Jesus.
The World is Anti-Albanian.
Albanians killed Jesus.
Hitler was Albanian.
Stalin was Albanian.
Hurricane Katrina came from Albania.
The black death came from Albania.
Albanians attacked Pearl Harbor.
Albanians touched potatoes in Ireland, causing the famine.
AIDS/HIV came from Albanian butt-sex.
9/11 was conducted by Albanians.
Osama Bin Laden is Albanian.
Communism came from Albania.
North Korea is led by an Albanian.
Pollution was invented by Albanians.
Death is an Albanian disease.
Global Warming comes from Albania.
by Valencioo January 24, 2008
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