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a person who apposes trolls by playing into their game, then keeps them occupied long enough too inform them they've been anti trolled, then leaves them making complete fools of themselves trying to defend trolls with inaccurate points such as "you obviously don't know what a troll is" "you were angry, which entertained us and is the definition of trolling" or my favorite "you're a complete retard, and are angry that we trolled you".

the truth is when you troll someone, then stay around long enough too be anti trolled you are NOT a troll.

ignore the lame defenses they will more then likely use, if you stick around, or leave more comments explaining to them (how you played them) you are not a successful anti troll, just let them squirm.
the troll: Tries too enrage you, using anything he or she can, what ever they can think of based on "the cloths you wear, music you listen too, groups you're in, family members, but the most popular trolling location is in celebrity death sites"

anti troll: Question the trolls judgement or opinion, constantly attack his or her points with more intellectual points, when he or she suggests that you are angry, upset, or "attacking him or her personally" you tell him or her that you are not bothered by the statements they make, you just think they are immoral.

when they suggest that you have been "trolled" deny it,

Quote the things they said in an attempt to enrage you, and tell them "if anything you trolled yourself"

this will lead to an attempt by "the troll" to question your mental competence, and explain to you the definition of a troll.

after they aggravate themselves assuming that you are actually "mentally incompetent".

send them the link to this "anti troll" definition

and ask them how it feels to be anti trolled, then tell them they are not intelligent enough to be a troll and leave.

if you stick around you will more then likely end up "trolled".
by princeantitroll December 24, 2009
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TO EDITORS: Come on youse guys, I'm givin you quality definitions ovah heah. Help me out? :)

Noun- The troll's counterpart, analagous to a hero's antihero. To put it briefly and bluntly, trolls try to make you look like a pussy; antitrolls try to make you look like an asshole.

To further explain:

The common troll seeks to sow discord and negative emotion among an otherwise peaceful (may or may not be intelligent) dialogue, which is usually held on an Internet thread or message board.

The common antitroll attempts to inject logic and positive reasoning into an otherwise hateful (may or may not be unintelligent) collective diatribe, also usually held on the Internet.

However, note the three characteristics both have in common:

1. Both are contradicting the purpose of the thread they target, and quite often don't care about the topic itself.

2. Both are commonly the subjects of hatred for doing so; they also enjoy this hatred.

3. Both usually have nothing better to do with their lives, at least during the actual troll/antitroll session, and know that their efforts won't change anyone's opinions/views. It's just for the lulz (trolls)/ to pass the time(antitrolls).
A Justin Bieber fan site:

Fan: I just love Justin's music, he's really talented :D

Troll: shut up, bitch. ur fuking ghey 4 lieking dat Beaver anyway.


Troll: Probly cuz I don't liek girlz dat look liek d00ds...


*discord ensues*

(Note that the troll actually has no real opinion of Bieber, unlike the hater mentioned below)

Bieber-Hater Chatroom:

Hater: These Beaver fans are f*cking insane. This one girl got all butthurt and hit me just cause I said I hated the prick...

Antitroll: You can't really blame a celebrity for their stupid fans, dude... Anyway, why do you guys hate him so much? What has he done to you?

Hater: He fucking ruined music for me, which impacts my life.

Antitroll: not just ignore him and listen to something else? You guys seem to be obsessing over Bieber as much as the fangirls you talk about...

Hater: ….stop ruining our hate dude, it's just jokes. Who the hell invited this buzzkill?

*hatred continues*

(Note how the antitroll attempts to crush otherwise harmless hate with insistent logic, regardless of the outcome or victims)
by AdmiralBetas January 27, 2011
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One Who opposes anything trolling related and wants to take down internet trolls by any means, Those whole follow this path will result in epic failure and will help bring more trolls to the internet.
If you search Anti troll on youtube you will probably laugh your ass off as the responses include misguided information on internet trolls and why anti troll's think internet trolls are the worst people on the internet.
by Johnathon Cergio August 07, 2009
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To piss off a troll as much as possible... i mean anything; messages, never leave him alone like never shutting up during a commentsation, or just keep making fun of his crappy videos on youtube.
Troll: this vid sucks, i mean what the hell, that's not possible.

Anti-troll: shut up troll shut up. of coarse it not possible thats the point.

five minutes later...

ant-troll: what the fuck is this?! you call that a video! You suck you assclown! that other vid is way better then this shit!

three minutes later... in a message...

check this out fuckface! Http// its way better then what you can make!

Troll: Leave me the fuck alone you anti-troll son of a bitch!!
by gpk June 22, 2010
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