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People, who for some reason, hate piracy so much that they go on the internet and shove their beliefs down people's throats. These people are goody two shoes and their anal retentive hate for cracks, serials, roms, or any other form of copyright infringement tends to annoy people. Their most common technique is to go on a forum with a misleading topic title and then proceed to tell everyone that they are right and that piracy is bad. This attitude is also found in books that teach you how to hack the PSP or the Xbox 360.
Example 1: The Misleading Topic Title
Average Person: Hmm... free photoshop serials? I need some.
*When the person clicks on the topic, there is an anti piracy whore, trolling the boards*
Anti Piracy Whore: Don't you see? Piracy is bad...blah can go to jail...blah blah...up to 5,000 dollar fine...blah blah...

Example 2: A casual discussion gone to Hell
*at school or work*
Person 1: Hey, do you have any serial numbers for Nero 7?
Person 2: Yeah sure! I'll send you a keygen when I get home.
Anti Piracy Whore: STOP! Please don't be a pirate! You'll ruin it for all of us who don't steal software and it will take money from the hard-working creators of Nero and piracy is the reason why Nero is so expensive...
Persons 1: Dude, you should forget about this guy. He was probably paid by the MPAA to bitch like this.
by Mr. Eliwood November 07, 2007
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