A word that infers that someone is homosexual. Can be used in a homophobic sense or simply to describe someone as being overly effeminate or gay. Believed to be indigenous to the nation of Guyana but is often used throughout the Caribbean.
De (the) bai (boy) next door is a anti-man.
by Team4Kira August 4, 2011
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Another term to refer a male as gay.
Yo George Takei is a serious anti-man!
by getrich November 11, 2010
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A guyanese or Caribbean term for a gay man, insulting and unkind but used often
Frank: Why did you suck that kids penis
Jason: just because I'm an Anti-man
by Tom algroy August 7, 2018
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-noun pronounced: what the' heck!!
The inate syndrome in manly men that subconsciously block the same sex booty from entering the visual cortex.
A manly man mistakenly gets an email with the picture of another man with his booty exposed. The anti-man-gluten-visio-cateractasm blocks any visual references to such events.
This phenomenon does not exist in some areas such as San Francisco, Palm Springs, and a club down the street from my house.
by TerrenceV April 17, 2008
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As opposted to Tit, this is an individual who exhibits a distaste for anything decent in the world. This person is often reluctant to participate in anything enjoyable or appreciate activities that everyone else would be honored to partake in. Otherwise known as "ATM", this individual is easily recognized by a slew of characteristics: a frown, being ugly, goes by the name of Richard Siegel, or just apathetic is all facets of life. Usually is relatively able to be picked out of a crowd, never wants to have fun, or is just plain terrible.
-Hey, you want to go to the Yankees game? It'll be so Tit!
-No thanks, I dont like the Yankees.
-You're such an Anti Tit Man
by ATM Professionalista June 23, 2006
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