1. A poisonous thorn in the flesh of the low-life, high-self-opinionated liberal, douchy, scum who infest sites, where, Na mayns, def' - fo' - shu' - wol' - maw'bee - sheet - dat - be - boon'n - ma - stank - an' - na - Ma..a..an!! an' ah hayn't gwin'e azz - ta - mowt ag'in on dat li'l b't o' ha' - jew'd sawsich ee'n fo' ya by me s'm jian box - o' - t'mpux fo' ta diz jizzmas an' doo fo'ze dat durn ma ol' pank s'okkin fo' ah e'en wik op an' ha' ma fuz' kap o' mo'un kaf'ee ................!!!
That older dame, Ann Coulter, has got nothing on that cute little number, Kat Timpf, over at the Nat. Review. Hubba Hubba , Ding Ding.
by bjhodge8 October 27, 2016
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