They have the right to be tasty
Person 1: What are animal rights
Person 2: They have the right to be in my belly
by Canada? June 20, 2009
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The Majority of people are okay, but as with all organisations, has a few idiots. people who did up the dead relations of animal lab owners and the like.

Often take things too far, and can't see other peoples point of view, or that foxes are NOT, i repeat NOT cuddly little creatures!
Farmer:- I shot a fox the other day. it was killing my chickens, which are free range, and not for eating

animal rights activist:-you b@stard!!how could you kill cute little mr foxy-woxy!you'll burn in hell!!

by jonny earl April 17, 2008
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1. Someone who judges people based on names alone, immediately assuming someone with a name like “Billy-Bob” must be stupid. Also preaches a stereotypical and irrational hatred of southern society, often describing them as “ignorant and insecure individuals who are deathly afraid of any form of social change“. It is very possibly they promote other discrimination as well.

2. A movement to make the act of kicking punishable by death, as it is apparently as offensive as murder to them.

3. A movement to stop the trading of dogs in hopes that they will crap inside the homes of their owners, bringing disease into their homes, and cause a massive plague upon humanity.
NORMAL PERSON: High, my name is billy-bob. I just got my PhD and am on the brink of curing cancer.

ANIMAL RIGHTS ACTIVIST: Why don’t you drop another hydrogen bomb on the rain forest you stupid F*cking red neck!

BILLY-BOB: I can’t help it if this is what I was named! It’d be disrespectful to my parents to change my name.

ANIMAL RIGHTS ACTIVIST: Animals are dieing! You’ve murdered and tortured millions! I alone am clean of sin! (Stabs Billy-Bob)

BILLY-BOB: You’re a psychopath! Someone call the police!

ANIMAL RIGHTS ACTIVIST: Don’t try to silence us! This is just social evolution! WE ARE WEEDING OUT THE WEAK! MWAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!!
by Glorg June 07, 2006
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This the act of taking your dog into a sex session with you. The male is railing the woman(or other man) through the anus while the one taking it is sucking on the dogs penis/vagina. They then switch positions, railing the dog up the ass and having the dog suck your dick. (This is usually accomplished by applying large amounts of peanut butter to your hairy blundering cock muffin.)
Jim: Yo Joe, sup?
Joe: Animal rights. thats whats up.. i tried this sweet fetish last night with my girlfriend. Animal rights.
Jim: Whats that? sounds kinky! :)
Joe: Well i was basically railing her while she sucked bingo's dick.
Jim: What the fuck is wrong with you...?
by Bobbe October 21, 2007
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