A person who speaks for those who can't speak for themselves(animals), fights for those who can't fight for themselves and defend for those who can't defend themselves.
He is an animal rights activist, he saves innocent lives everyday and he is a Vegan too.
by Veggie for Life April 20, 2006
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(Let me start off by saying that I find the definitions that are listed here to be very offensive. I am a vegan and a supporter of animal rights. I am also very active in human rights, peace and social justice activism. It is a fundamental misinterpretation to say that people who believe in animal rights hate people. For the most part, animal rights activists are very concerned about issues related to cruelty towards humans as well as non-humans.)

An animal rights activist is someone who cares deeply about the fundamental rights of other living beings, believing strongly that no animal, human or non-human, deserves to suffer. A core belief of the animal rights movement is that sentient beings have the right to live a life free from cruelty and exploitation. Animal rights activists do not seek to create a world where non-human animals are treated better than humans, rather a world where no sentient being, including humans, has to suffer. Many animal rights activists are also active in other communities such as human rights activism, social justice activism, civil rights activism, peace activism, etc.

Animal rights activists seek to reduce or relieve the cruelty inflicted upon other sentient beings.
The animal rights activists held a peaceful protest outside the corporate HQ of a company that conducts cruel and uneccessary animal tests.
by Meredith October 19, 2004
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People who respect every living creature on this earth.No they dont value the life of a human more than a cat they are both equal sentenint beings that deserve to live.Some of the definitions here are so fucking clueless.By the light of me I cannot fathom how some of these idiots think that what some stupid religios book says goes.You have no right to think that you are better than something just because you're believes tell you.Of coarse I would bomb fur farms.You asswipes have no right to kill animals for thier fur especially since we have more fabrics that dont require animals.By the way fuckers I donate both to animal shelters and to poor starving children in africa what have you idiots done?Sit on you're fatasses and complain about animal rights and how we should worry about other things?Oh well I guess some fat idiot eating 4 double bacon cheesburgers daily that lives in kentucky knows better huh?
Damn right I would bomb a fur farm what?Im bad just because I want to protect an animal from being explioted and killed just so some rich fuck can have an unneccesary fur coat?Animal rights activist are doing the right thing.
by Chickenwing21 February 20, 2007
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One who is aware of other animals as life, and work actively to secure their rights as any living being is entitled to.
The rabbit and deer feed coyotes and wolves, who have babies, too.
by Respect All Life July 19, 2005
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Too many of these definitions are completely illogical and incorrect, and i am going to set it all straight.
An animal rights activist is a person who actually cares about the malicious and unjust torture that happens to countless animals species. Abuse happens in all places, and is caused by careless companies, and sick-minded individuals who take their ghastly fantasies and frustration out on creatures who have nothing to give but love and companionship. animals are tortured in many forms, cosmetics testing, detergent testing, shelters, circuses, domestic, farm, slaughterhouses, fur trade, and by hunters. ANIMAL RIGHTS ACTIVISTS ARE AMAZING PEOPLE WHO ARE STRONG ENOUGH TO LIVE A LIFE FULL OF ANIMAL/CRUELTY FREE PRODUCTS. BEING AN ANIMAL RIGHTS ACTIVIST IS AN EXTREMELY HARD THING TO DO IN THIS DAY AND AGE. HAVE SOME RESPECT, BECAUSE YOU DONT HAVE THE MENTAL STRENGTH, AND THE HEART TO DO WHAT THEY DO.

normal person: "your so stupid, why do u care about animals? they're only born so we can eat them, wear them, and kill them for fun. As long as i can get my big mac at the end of the day, i'm happy"

Animal rights activist: "thats just about the most ignorant, selfish, and simple minded thing i've ever heard. As you were speaking i think i actually heard a few of my brain cells die. I'm leaving before you open your mouth again, i could never live with myself being even close to as dumb as you are"
by greenandgreener April 20, 2010
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