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Loose packing material in the form of Styrofoam extrusions resembling peanuts, used to prevent breakage of delicate objects during shipping. Depending on the weather they can take an electrostatic charge and cling to your clothing when you handle them. angel shit
I got this Christmas gift in the mail that was packed in angel turds.
by lorgue March 07, 2010
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When you have piles, take a dump, then flush, an angel turd is that tiny, fluffy turd that somehow survived the flush and is now all alone in the bowl, cruelly isolated in the cold, clinical limbo of an empty bathroom.

Usually after a second, harder flush, the angel turd is whisked away to join his departed brothers in the heavenly sewer down below.
Hey dude I flushed the angel turd you left after you crapped for America and I couldn't brush my teeth for 20 minutes
by nodgie November 12, 2011
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