Whats's to say about Andrea other than the fact that she literally defines Beauty in every way. Andrea would make any guy fall in love with her simply with her looks and outstanding personality. You cant look away from Andrea with out noticing her Magical star like eyes. Her eyes will make you set your definition of beauty to a much higher standard. She is a very caring, loving, fun, and hard working girl and will do anything to make others happy. Andrea is someone no body wants to lose from their lives as she is a great friends and a wonderful gf. She is the Aphrodite of the human world as she is a goddess of beauty and surpasses every other female. She also possesses a smile that can shine light onto anyone's dark day and has hair that is just simply amazing. Her laugh is so great any guy would go through great extents to hear her laugh. She keeps everyone's heart warm even on the coldest winter day and is someone worth fighting for. She is a walking Gem and must be treated like the Queen she is.
OMG! Look at her eyes! her name has to be Andrea!
by xX1Nova1Xx October 29, 2019
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A man who is the bestest best friend a person could ask for. Unless all you want in the world is to go to bed sober. He is kind, compassionate, and caring. Except at 3 am when there just oooone more bar to go to. He is positive and he has a good feeling about this. Especially when "this" is secret beers hiding in his jacket pocket. Andreas is the best!
Dusty: I think we could all be a little more Andreas.

Ben: Man, you're so Andreas today.
by carrieokee September 14, 2017
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Easy to hurt very sensitive and doesn't want to be on urban

Hey Andrea "what's a condom"
by Fishdinner October 31, 2017
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Andrea, a sexy,hot woman even at a young age she every boy loved her. A common Hispanic name, she makes other girls feel they can do better but everyone still thinks she is the prettiest girl in the world. Personality wise, eh she has an okay personality can be easily triggered,beautiful dimples tho and is Greta at musica.ly!
Rony: Hey see that pretty girl over there with that slim sexy body

Cooper: Yea she's cool I guess
Rony:she's not cool at all she's HOT! ;)
(Andrea a hot girl that's got attitude)
by SlimeLovea February 19, 2017
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The kid that will become famous and have tons of money everywhere and has amazing style with the most modern stuff.
Dang look at that fresh Andreas over there
by FakeLols January 20, 2017
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