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the cops will pull you over and harass you because they have nothing better to do. they drive around in brand new crown vics and beat the shit out of them just to show off. they get paid too much. the cool kids from AHS ditch class after 2nd block to smoke downtown by the gazebo. the fire alarm is always getting pulled during final exams, all the stoners smoke at the dugout during lunch, catboners are our enemies for no reason at all. there is absolutely NOTHING to do in downtown andover. all there is is starbucks, DD, a winebar, and expensive resturants. on fridays, downtown is filled with annoying middle schoolers and high schoolers that love to cause trouble and act like they are gangster. if you see a lawrence car cross the andover border, you freak out and yell "wrong town buddy, go back to lawrence!". you will see lambos, corvettes, bmw, lexus, mercedes all around town because everyone here has there head stuck far up their own ass. the rich high schoolers with dumbass parents get a brand new range rover once they turn 16, even though they end up crashing it a week later. their parents end up buying a more expensive AND better looking car after the first one gets completely totaled. there is also a bank on every block. you buy your coke and weed from the drug dealers who live at memorial circle.
andover, ma people are very stuck up
by andoverr girl June 20, 2011
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