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That unseen act happening in the stall next to you, characterized by mysterious and horrible sounds and smells, groans and gasps, maybe even cursing or weeping, and usually accompanied by plopping and splashing of water, multiple toilet flushes and sighs.
I swear the dude in the stall next to me just committed anal suicide; it's like all his innards fell out through his ass and he flushed them down the toilet. The smell almost killed me.
by simplyscott December 20, 2012
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Go to field, find a horse, put the horse cock in flaccid and proceed to feed the horse viagra while it’s inside you.
Did you hear about Jessica?

Yeah she committed Anal Suicide with Lucky!
by ColonCumBusters May 29, 2018
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To commit suicide by means of producing a lethal injury through the anus.

Probably a good name for a grindcore band, if there isn't one already.
After knowing his boyfriend was cheating on him, John elegantly commited anal suicide with an electric tooth brush.
by January 19, 2008
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