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To flank someone (generally in war games) to get behind them, kill them, then proceed to rape them. Usually in some sort of "crouch-stand" maneuver. (Tea bagging)
Soldier 1: Dude, we got to anal flank these guys, we're getting owned!

Soldier 2: Alright, I'll distract them, you do it.
by Hiru March 14, 2008
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1. A surprising gay comment.

2. Victory, (used as "raping").

3. A seemingly straight gay coming out.

4. Prison abuse.
1. A: I just wanna see what it looks like!
B: Woah, anal flank

2. We just anal flanked them

3. A: Did you hear about Bryan?
B: Ya, I feel totally anal flanked

4. ...a reason not to drop the soap: anal flank
by Caleb B March 14, 2008
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