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The phomonen of having anal sex with a woman, cumming, and then have the seamen leak from her anus and into her vagina causing her to become pregant and have a baby.
1) You are an anal baby.
2) I thought I had a bastard son, turns out he is an anal baby.
by The Escalade crew September 19, 2006
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after anal sex with a woman semen leaks out of the anus and down to the vagina, the woman then uses the juices as a lube and masturabtes with it thus ending with her getting pregnant
Jerry you kids are all anal babies.
by Friley July 30, 2006
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babies that come from tha anus but... if u think about it u cant get pregnent from anal sex so for less chance of getting pregnrnt have anal sex and make anal babies : USE PROTECTION!!!
dude: o my gowd man i was up all last night makin anal babies
dudette: i kno man i was ther
dude: lmsao! gowd man cant wate till im a anal dad (Y)
by stillnotperfect June 23, 2006
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An infant that is born from the anus(usually of a homosexual male). How do you make one you ask? Well its a quite simple and usually painless procedure.
#1 you find a doner egg and insert into the anus(turkey baster works best)
#2 you a. use doner sperm or b. have anal sex with sed. individual.
#3 after the egg is fertalized then it will feed off the fecies for usually nine months and grow to term in the colin.
#4 the child is born smelling of filth and rottenness "congrats. its a boy ".
Steve gave birth to a nine pound eleven ounce anal baby.
by Ryry oberki February 28, 2008
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