a woman with a beautiful booty. unfortunately, this woman plays hard to get, as she is able to choose any man she desires. she likes laughing and having a good time with her friends. and she usually smokes something. like weed. but in the end it really is worth it.
1) Julien: hey anais wanna date?
Anais: yes, but only because you're REALLY hot.
2) Soph: are you having a good time anais?
Anais: yes.
by sophia242 May 22, 2008
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that kid in your class who's such a weirdo, and has the IQ of Einstein and always gets As, but no one cares
Dude, that kid is so annoying, he's such an Anay.
by ysljljs February 14, 2019
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A beautiful girl. She's 4"11 and has dimples and brown hair. She loves to laugh and she cries alot. She loves food and her family and friends. She is very smart and dumb at the same time. She is a teachers pet who is loved my everyone.
Wow, Anais is breath taking.
by Mallisaes May 15, 2020
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Anai is a very sweet and pretty girl.Tho dont let it trick you she is dirty minded and is funny to her friends but is shy with new people but warms up easily.she likes to read yaoi and watch anime.If you lose an anai you will really regret it.You will be lost without her.
Anai is so funny.
Yes she is.
by Yaoilover36 January 8, 2022
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Anais is definitely a talkative extravert though she likes to take time to herself. She is gorgeous and can pull off anything she wants. She does not give a shit if you try to put her down because she knows that she is perfect. Boys love her and girls want to be her. She is not in the so called "popular" group but is friends with everyone anyway. She does not have enemies but dislikes people who annoy her and people who do not help out. She has a very debater type personality and is not afraid to put you in your place. She sometimes may come off as moody or unfriendly from a distance but one conversation with her and you will love her.
Lucy: you are so ugly
Anais: did I ask?
by Adrian Selweyn August 22, 2021
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Technically a short latina girl with a fat ass. She looks like an angel but is the devil it's self in person. Usually has no more then 2 or 4 friends
Anai is so innocent .
by Knowsmorethenthishoes September 6, 2016
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While some prefer to wax philosphical about all things life, the Anai is a type of child who keeps itself recluse. Away from others, and with forbidden secrets, it feeds on the scraps of the birds and stalks males that take it's fancy. One for the night time horror stories.
Dude 1:Hey look, it's Golem! From Lord of the Rings.

Dude 2: No dude, it's an Anai.

Dude 1: Ho shit, you'z right.

Dude 2: Be careful, get too close and it'll bite your crotch.
by 1Unit1 October 10, 2008
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