A phrase that has replaced the natural ending of a spoken or written sentence amongst niggers and wiggers.

A nigger will say or type this, and you will think,

"Thank God! The niggerbabbling has ceased!''

You are wrong. The niggerbabbling will never cease.
So muhfuggin' Dontavious was all up in my Kool Aid and I was like 'Ya rat soup eatin' muhfugga, ya best step back before I beat dat azz an sheeyit!
by 14words October 4, 2010
I don't believe you!
also see: shit,shite,she-it

as in: Your full of shit or simply bullshit!Venacular urban slang for: "You've got to be kidding me!" as in Bullshit!
Dumass: "The ladies love me!"

Answer: "Sheeyit!"
by doggbutt September 24, 2003