Honouring something with an Hour of your time. Usually something small that you would not spend large amounts, if any, time on.

To play a game you own only because of a gift or part of a bundle for the minimum of an hour.

Spend at least an hour doing something, or some one, you don't think you'll enjoy.
1. I've got so many unplayed games I'm going to try and get them all Houred.
by T Muffy October 14, 2013
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A conservative comedy show on the "neutral" FOX news network.

A good example of epic fail.
Person A: Did you see that recent episode of the half hour news hour?

Person B: Yea those idiots have the humor level of a 3rd grader.
by anonymous6812 April 8, 2008
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Sadboi Hours is a time where Sadbois are emotional and can express their feelings with other present Sadbois. While the official time for Sadboi Hours is 1 AM to 4:59 AM, anytime can be Sadboi Hours if you try hard enough.
Jack: Jared, it's Sadboi Hours.....
Jared: Lay it on me.
by What's Good My Guys March 23, 2018
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whenever you’re doing stupid, unexplainable shit, you’re definitely experiencing crackhead hours. often, they begin as a result of being sleep deprived or just being really fucking stupid

*Note: Crackhead hours experiences range from person to person and are often heightened by the presence of friends.
Crackhead hours hit hard last night- I was deadass swimming on the floor.
by ur b1tch October 25, 2019
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The window of time in which native snakes are highly active in coastal regions of Australia, wherein an unofficial curfew is implemented to curb the increasing trend of snake bite mortality.

The commonly accepted hours of snake dominance are from 3am to 7am Australian Eastern Standard time, and 3am to 6am during daylight savings in all regions apart from far North Queensland where hours of activity are extended by an hour.
"Hey Tom, are you coming to Nick's birthday on Saturday?"

"Sure, but I'll have to leave early so that I can make it home before snake hours."
by PaulTheGOAT September 10, 2019
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The daily White House press briefing where Sean Spicer yells at the press and makes a total ass of himself. Always covered by the media as it makes for great television.
I'll send you the link to CSPANs livefeed of the Spicy Hour.
by BartholomewJesus March 30, 2017
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Between the hours of 2-3:30 in the AM where you become a mushy loving, uncontrollable mess. Where you say sentimental things you regret/ deny saying later that same morning.
Guy 1: Bruh, do you know what time it is?
Guy 2: Nah bruh.
Guy 1 (with tissues and tears runnin down his face): its them soft hours.
Guy 2 (now cryin and hugging Guy 1): fuck bruh i love you so much you are my rock my everything my world i couldnt live without you.

In the morning:

Guy 2: we never speak of this again.
by Seokie-ah February 12, 2018
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