one who lays down his own life so that others can live
the blood that has forever stained the beaches of Normandy, is the blood of heroes
by grundle October 18, 2003
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a hero is someone that buys the door in zombies on round 25
man last knight I was playing zombies and a hero saved our game
by Jerome steven January 12, 2017
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A person who inhales too much alkyl nitrites (poppers).
Ooh god I was a hero just then”
Oh wow you were a hero!”

“Oh no I took too much (you were a hero)”
by Thenumberonehero December 22, 2017
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someone who is noble and a good role model.
Superman is a hero.
by morgzzzz February 21, 2014
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Live action, comic-book influenced TV-Series on NBC revolving around ordinary people with a genetic mutations that give them superhuman powers and abilities such as telepathy, flight, rapid healing, superhuman intuition, enhanced strength, etc. It's the same premise as X-Men, but without costumes, teams, dichotomous ideologies, and the confusing continuity. Also, it's very well written and engaging.
Heroes is one of my favorite TV shows, dude!
by ralys38 October 30, 2007
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what people advise you not to do during mildly precarious and trivial situations
Guy 1: Hey, can you hand me that flyswatter over there? I gotta take care of this tiny daddy longlegs crawling up the wall here.

Guy 2: Don't be a hero, man
by Don'tBeAHero May 14, 2010
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A Submarine Sandwich. The long sandwich featuring layers of meat and cheese on a crusty Italian roll goes by a variety of names. Submarine, sub, and hero are widespread. Localized terms are bomber (upstate New York), wedge (downstate New York), hoagie (Delaware Valley, including Philadelphia and southern New Jersey), grinder (New England), Cuban sandwich (Miami), Italian sandwich (Maine), Italian (southern Midwest), and poor boy (New Orleans, before Katrina) now goes by soggy boy.
Yeah, I'll have a Pepperoni, Italin Sausage, Ham and Salami Hero with everything on it.
by B1070X1C January 31, 2006
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