"Hey Anthony, I just saved a women from being raped!"
"Wow Mike! You really are A Hero!"
by Sir Battletoad July 29, 2016
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v. To become an hero. (Future tense)
"Are you an heroing? Because, if you are, YouTube it."
by PvtAN April 16, 2008
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by Winchpac November 21, 2020
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You could be in a tight situation and the opponent has 1 stock left, and kill them at possibly even 0%, using the character the hero
by Shtoupid July 31, 2019
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A professional athlete who leaves his large paychecks for a place on the front lines of our country's defense.
Pat Tillman, 1977-2004
by anonymous April 23, 2004
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a person who takes heroic doses of DMT, LSD, Shrooms, or other psychoactive substances
After a year's worth of heroic doses, I'm finally a true hero. What I can do with this new status, I have no clue. Oh well, guess I'll just keep doing Drugs.
by TheTallestPsychonaut November 7, 2020
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Someone who helps without anything expected in return. Their gesture may be big or small, profound or not, it doesn't make im' any less of a hero.
by . August 26, 2004
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