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An Amy is probably the most beautiful and kind and intelligent person you'll ever meet. Her smile will make anyone feel better and laugh at her crazy love of bagels. Her amazing acting, singing and baking skills are among the best in the world. Not to mention that her beauty goes unrivaled. Guys swoon over her and people always want to be her friend. But sometimes people are jealous of Amy; usually Alicia's or Caitlyn's.

Amy's usually have curly hair and grey eyes and despite many hot guys fighting for her attention, Amy will probably fall for her best male friend who has secretly always been in love with her
Hot Guy: Oh look its Amy <3! Let's flash our abs to get her attention!
Alicia/Caitlyn: Omg what an attention whore! Look at me I'm much more attractive and I have bigger boobs!
Amy's Best Male Friend: Wow Amy you look beautiful... I got you a bagel...
Amy: Thanks bestie!!!! Hey I wanted to tell you that I have always loved you <3
The World: EhMehGerd! WE LOVE AMY!!!! SHE IS AWESOMESAUCE!!!!!!
by ErMehGerd January 31, 2014
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