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American Lolita is a fashion trend taken from Vladimir Nabokovs novel ‘Lolita’. This fashion is very cute and girly, alike to the character ‘Dolores haze’. Some wardrobe staples include: crop tops, high waisted skirts, high waisted sailor shorts, gingham, rompers and flowy, retro style dresses. This style can be seen as a subcategory of nymphet fashion. There are many different genres in nymphet fashion. Some people take the more grungy approach, whereas others like to dress like an angelic nymphet. This style is very controversial because the ‘Lolita’ Novel can be seen as a negative connotation.
Person 1: wow that girl looks just like Dolores haze !
Person 2: I know , it’s probably because she’s dresses in American Lolita fashion.
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by lololahaze June 07, 2018
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