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The smallest dick in the world, comparable to a piece of tic-tac. The american dick is not only small but also pink in color, a sign of femininity.

The american porn industry is responsible for brainwashing americans in believing they have the large penises, but for every 1 american with an average sized dick, there is a dozen with below average (which in reality is really the 'average' for americans). And for every 1 american with an above average sized dick, there is a hundred that is below average. The odds does not favor the american man.
Black girl: Damn that white boy look like tom cruise!
White girl: But his dick look like a piece of tic-tac
Black girl: Nvm LOL

White guy at the store: Hi, give me a pack of lights and that pack of tic-tacs
White girl behind the counter: You already have a tic-tac in your pants. -laughs-
White guy: Hey fuck you. It's 2 inches, tic-tac is 2 centimeter!
White girl: Ummm...

American Rednecks have the smallest penises in the americas and in the world.

Do not confuse 'american dick' with blacks, asians, latinos, for 'american dick' refers to 'white dick'.
by ApocalypsePenguin June 21, 2012
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