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A "Trojan" or "Ambush Wedding" is a surprise wedding thrown by the bride and groom on their unexpected guests. Often disguised as an invite to a casual event, or after having a simple get-together; the couple shocks the whole host with a wedding on the spot. It is a new alternative to an elopement.
The Mr and I had an ambush wedding last year! Literally the week before the one on "Girls." We invited everyone for a clambake at our new house, and before lunch was served I went inside, changed into a dress, and came out saying, "We're going to get married! Right now!" The best part was when my husband asked his nephew to be his best man. It took our nephew a few seconds to understand that the Mr meant right then. I thought it was superβ€”we had a gorgeous cake and flowers hidden in the house to bring out for the celebration. It was low stress and fun
by naenay September 24, 2014
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