with implied guilt, remind someone(s) of what needs to be completed with a projected equal, or greater, credit taken by the requester(s).
I agreed to Tom's request, but I think he is being passive ambitious in our project.
by aquadump May 18, 2008
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A stupid ass term that a buster would use when they want to motivate somebody
Lets be ambitiously humble bout makin these calls Bro
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Toffs call it social climbing. Depending on the person's attitude and background you can work out if they are just under confident (which makes them ok), a self absorbed dick-head (bad) or a whining neurotic (v bad). These people are usually peer-pressured, inexperienced in life, and think they don't fit in. Solution: get the knowledge about how to be cool, but don't think on it too much. BE cool, not ACT cool. There's a difference. And be part of the crowd, but don't think like the crowd. NB: being popular doesn't involve being a social climber, unless your peergroup are childish twats.
teenage whining neurotic A: I wish I were cooler like Ben. Ben wears Nike, I'm going to plaster my face and back and room with Nike.

teenage awesome dude B: Meh, don't be culturally ambitious, but I get you.

teenage dick-head A: I want to ditch you, move on to these new cool guys so I'm going to change everything about my style to fit in.

teenage awesome dude B: if you want to ADD to your personality and ADD friends, fine, but if you're trade up? fuck you
by don'tbeatwatnow June 29, 2012
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Kevin is so ambitiously challenged, he jury rigged a pair of shooting earmuffs to hold his cell phone to his head instead of buying a bluetooth.
by Don'tFeedTheManagement September 05, 2011
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I had planned to begin researching the feasibility of a hamster-powered mechanical toothbrush, but I lacked the ambitiative for such a solemn and significant undertaking.
by Brohand Manpalm Dudefinger November 05, 2006
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A freshman who has a positive outlook on the high school experience and tends to be overexcited about school. You can find them giggling or smiling to themselves in the hallways and usually find them in the first semester, running to their classes afraid of being late or being lost in the hallways looking clueless.
Victoria: I am so excited to join so many clubs at school this year
Mailinh: gross, ambitious freshman
Victoria: OMG, yay
by Spectre03 February 19, 2016
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