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the girl who invented, 'oh hey there'
she spends her days walking the streets of spring hill, occumpinied by her truest. you'll never catch her more then ten feet away from a couple of pine cones, or her ipod. music's her life, and it's the only thing besides jayme debusk that gets her. in her spair time she enjoys talking like a hillbilly, buying pet fish, taco bell and kicking vending machienes. what can i say she's an all around amazing person d:
amanda forman- the best of the best.
amanda forman- the crop of the crop.
amanda forman-the nice one.
amanda forman-the person with the coolest family, & last but not least,
amanda forman-the girl who will make it far in life, no matter what challenges life throughs at her.
by oh hey wilson March 19, 2009
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