something you type into google, knowing full well that you are
by elwyngs June 9, 2020
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you may ask yourself "am i gay"

the answer?

by i AM the gay November 8, 2018
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We’ll, you could be. Or. Bi. Or pan. Or Omni. Or Demiromantic. Look up a list of sexualities and there meanings. But if you literally don’t know what that means, LOOK IT UP B*TCH (which is technically what you just did but like, in an actual “trusted” place, I mean c’mon)
Am I gay
I dunno, do you feel *lists definitions of all sexualities an’ such*
by LunaAstrid77 May 9, 2022
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A very sweet trio that consists of Kadirah and Mya which are my gay little best friends, the origin for this dumb little group is that mya was like “oh yes we should make a trio with kad and you” to make our other friends mad!!!!!!! And then the name Am I gay? Came from when Kad had found Something on Google probably and was like “mya is the Am , I am I, and Cody is Gay?” !!! Because Kad said I’m gay for arsenium which is very true.
Aww I love the Am I gay? Trio!!! So cute
by Mydogis April 18, 2022
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An online quiz that gay 13 year olds take to tell them that they are gay.

Also known as, the self-help book for questioning children.

If you took one of these and it said you were gay, congrats- you're still gay.

I just took an "Am I Gay?" Quiz and it said I was gay. I already knew that though, because anyone who takes those quizzes is gay hehe
by Lem0n F1avored Italian Ic3 January 15, 2021
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