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All Kindz originated from the Hodge Twins in their classic youtube video's where they constantly speak of the substantial muscular development they are making as a result of beastmoding their workouts at the gym.

The original phrase was, "we've been at the gym and we've been making all kindz of gains, all kindz."

Experienced lifters will often shorted the phrase by just saying: "all kindz"

Extra emphasis is often added to the phrase by the use of CAPS and extending the length of words by repeating the last letter. e.g. alllll KINDZZZZZZ.

For people new to lifting it is strongly advised that they watch the hodge twins before attempting this phrase, as the pronounciation is crucial to capturing it's essence.
Check out these lats man, I've been making all kindz of gainz... ALLLLL KINDZZZZZZZZ...
by disco_boss October 08, 2013
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