A phrase developed by the U.S. government in the 1990's to fight the impending assault on American teen youth by the "Gangster Rap" of the decade. Instead of using the Phrase "its all good" witch in gangster rap meant "I am going to kill that blood if its the last thing I do" resulting in hundreds of thousands of deaths all across America and the World they slowly infiltrated the "Gangster Rap" scene by using the phrase "its all gravy" witch meant "peace and love throughout the world, blue and red are no more than colors in a crayola crayon box"... at its peak the use of "its all gravy" was used up to 98% of the time in place of "its all good" witch resulted in a dramatic decline in gang violence.
the creators of the word were given a nobel peace prise in the fall of 99, but later had to give the money and the award back for haveing sex with 19 16 year old girls in celebration of the award.
"Yo n-word, i am going to have to bust a cap the size of a horses peepee in that mother funker, because he looked at my sister like he was a mother funking starving bermese mother funker after the tsuanmi and and she was a moter funking rice cake and a cold beer"

"yo n-word, its all gravy baby"
by nosilence August 20, 2008
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this is mainly sed by gay christians (mainly ones who think god speaks to them)and who dont have a life!! it is meant to mean "its all good" but these piles of steaming cock custard has to go and change it because they think it makes them sound mint... or they think god will like them more... well summat like dat! any way its gay all the same!
me: oh... you missed that hakisack
gay christian: its all gravy
me:(in head) *bastard fuck up*
by wee willy winky May 15, 2004
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B:"mate you need the toilet now!"

A:"i think you're right"

B:<comes back> "False alarm, it was all air, no gravy"
by JEC84 August 26, 2009
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Means to receive more In addition to what was expect. EXTRA
Well if the customer purchases the additional solution, that's all gravy in the bowl.
by Abe Lincoln lives here October 19, 2020
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