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the best band ANYONE ANYWHERE can listen to! they are so kick ass. alk 3 is the band that will always be out there. they will never fade. i personally think that they will never go away. i bet you in 3045 they will be still rockin! through computers i mean. or w.e
what do you call a band that is so kick ass with great vocals, bass and drums? ALKALIN TRIO!
by ImFatallyYours3 November 02, 2003
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My favorute band personally at the moment.

just a few good songs too look out for:
this is getting over you
goodbye forever
private eye
Trucks and trains
This must be love
Exploding boy (cover)
Steamer trunk

theres some to get you started that i personally haven't tired of yet.

saw/meet the at teh astoria and got somestuff signed back stage, well back of the building lol and there very good lads.
Alkaline trio make the best Dark Punk that i have ever heard...scrub that, the best alround PUNK ever!
by will eves January 21, 2004
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A brilliant punk rock band with dark and often emotional lyrics. Often called 'emo'. Emo is hard to define and predominantly shit (thanks for that one MTV) these days.
Slef titled LP
Maybe I'll Catch fire
From Here To Infirmary
Good Mourning.
by Clavus Torquis March 24, 2004
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First off, AT is my favorite band. Here's why:Lyrically, there chicago style punk varies and differs from anything else out there.They can throw together some stuff you wouldn't normally hear and still make you understand the point. Musically, they can go from fast to slow, and can provide some very nice beats, and fast clashes on guitar and drum.

If you frown upon Alkaline Trio, notice they promote against a lot of bad things. They stand for a lot of good also. They play at anti-racism concerts, they benefits for orphans, the song Jaked on Green Beers shows what to much alcohol can do to you and is a warning, and so many others.

So, if you think they're bad for promoting good, and trying to promote anti racism, saying its bad to be an alcoholic, and by helping out kids, you either A.Are joking or B. Have no heart
What's Alkaline Trio?

It means "Quality Music"
by a nona mouse June 07, 2004
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An extremly kick ass band, though they seem to be changing slightly (as did another good band AFI) with their recent explosion onto the radio and *shudder* MTV.
Alot of people try to lable them as "goth","punk", "emo" or other vatrious things but in my opinion they are simply Alkaline Trio,a band that i can never imagine sucking. Here's a list of the albums that i can think of.
Alkaline Trio
Maybe I'll Catch Fire
Alkaline Trio/Hot Water Music split
From Here to Infirmary
Good Mourning
on a side note, the lyrics aren't all about death, there's drinking and relationships involved too.
I dont care who you've been kissing on these days
It's out of my hands
and in my mouth with such a pleasant taste
I need a beer to wash it all away without a trace
And then i'll drink 23 more
To wipe this stupid smile off my fucking face.
by Wankmasta April 07, 2005
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tongue-in-decapitated-cheek, guttoral bass, delightfully strewn with eloquent lyrics that are sardonic and ironic, yet
the antithesis of black & blues, despite their semi-colorful imagery
by bluebloodinside redbloodout February 17, 2004
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