A beautiful girl who is smart, funny, sarcastic and just so sweet. She is all about the natural look. She hates make up and doesn't wear it. She is always putting herself down and putting others first. She is a good friend and is very trust worthy. Mostly has red hair, big butt, and brown eyes that you can get lost in. She isn't afraid to show her effection for her family or lover. She loves long hugs and cuddling. She may seem cold but her heart is always warm and it could Heat the world.
-Dude did you see that ginger?
Yeah! She must be an Alicia!

-dude she looks so beautiful
by Lililover October 26, 2014
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The most amazing girl a friend could ask for. Can be crazy at times but normally down to earth. Can be completely devoted to her boyfriends and, despite her past, love to make people smile. She can be agressive but that's just part of her craziness.
She's soooo Alicia.
by ForeverLove6354 November 21, 2010
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An adorable yet spontaneous girl that's life is a big WOW. She loves to eat sugar which adds to her life's wow-factor. She is tall with big and beautiful green hazel eyes. She is loved and has a very short best friend whose name starts with an "m." She is very funny and loves to sing, also.
Wow, you have such an Alicia life!!
by Meme Rawr November 04, 2010
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A crazy but intelligent girl who also has large breasts and a beautiful composure, basically a love it or hate it person who only in the eye of the beholder thinks that
Alicia is so crazy but from what i experience personally i couldnt be anymore happier with being with such a beautiful person
by Only_1_SuNgka April 27, 2009
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Can be very witty and intelligent when she feels like it, and is often found with her nose in a book.
"Man, I hope I find an Alicia at Borders because she knows the best books"
by fullobologna August 14, 2008
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an AMAZING girl with AMAZING boobs. usually a brunette. has a lot of fun, and is a happy person. is usually pretty confusing, and very VERY flirty.
guy 1: Alicia is so HOT.
guy 2: Yeah, I know, and her TITS... man.
guy 1: But I can't tell if she likes me!
guy 2: I know, she's really confusing. But at least she's hot!
by alicat512 May 18, 2008
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She was so good in bed I actually thought she was a prostitute...turns out she was just an alicia.
by SexyRexy April 25, 2007
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