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a nickname of Alexensual youtuber who is batshit crazy, cant go without 1-2 days without either playing, talking about it, and thinking what Blizzard will do next.

since the Vanilla WoW servers announcement, Alekensual has been obsessing with the most unimportant things, like when Blizz added shadows to graphics. Alex made a video, complaining, losing it, rooting for #NOCHANGES- even this wasn't even that big of a change for most to notice, except Alex.

this nickname was a slang created by 4chan trolls for Alex that promotes hate and Communism vs. his opponents. 4chan trolls raided Alex's Live Stream when he was browsing blizzard wow forms, redit, and playing a Zelda game. Alex challenged a 4chan troll King Tut, telling him to unsub and that "your type is not welcome here" and when Tut of 4chan trolled hard, Alex couldn't handle it. he went nuts kept yelling "you're a piece of shit!x10" the score was 3 - 4chan, 0 - Alex. the ban of KingTut then followed, with Alex and his minions of donors and supporters laughing and barking like commie dogs. Final Score was: 4Chan Trolls - 3, Alex - 1

for more info, check out his youtube channel, but the trolls drove the Triggering to unprecedented levels that even Blizzard came after Alex, and gave him a strike. fearing the permanent shut down of his youtube channel, Alex then made all his videos private. this happened sometimes mid March of 2018.
Jay: Hey bro, did you hear about the latest drama with Alexkeksual?
Justin: nah man. what happened?
Jay: Level 17 Hunters pwned him out of nowhere when Alex tried ganking him when he was 25..
by Aryan Atlantean God March 20, 2018
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