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the concept that alcohol is the PREMIER recreational drug!!.
-alcohol IS 'jolly good fun', but i don't recall ever having my head in a toilet bowl from smoking the satanic 'gage'!!

-of course, we all know that alcohol is 'JESUS', and I know fully well that I CAN KNOW NOTHING!! (even after 40 years of research!) -so kitchee-koo!!, you BASTARDS!!! (FUCK YOU! to the alcohol and cigarette lobbies, too!!)
the college boy was laboring under the alcohol delusion...soon he was hualping!!

give me a muggle any day!, i don't subscribe to the alcohol delusion!!

judy had the alcohol delusion, she was scared that that 'pot' would lead to 'harder' stuff!!
by michael foolsley December 25, 2009
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