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When someone drinks too much before Sucking your dick so the alcohol in her breath goes down to your balls and makes them feel like they got round house kicked to oblivion.
Guy 1: Dude, you have fucking alcohol balls!

Guy 2: What the fuck do I do?

Guy 1: I don't know just drink a bunch of water to flush out the pain.

Guy 2: Okay, at least I don't have herpes.
by MisterStealYourGirl June 11, 2016
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the point where someone is intakes so much alcochol that not only do they do nothing exciting, but they have reduced their sex drive substantially. This affliction is not a hazard to the casual drinker, rather it is reserved for the full time alcoholic.
Again tonight, my husband would rather have alcohol balls, than get laid!
by unsatisfied wife May 31, 2009
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