home of the:
-ugliest people on Earth
-dumbest people on Earth
-most ignorant people on Earth
-most out-of-style people on Earth
-people who think theyre wonderful, yet no other state cares about them
-idiots who have confederate flags on their trucks because they dont realize it does NOT exist and they still think they live in the 50's
-most stereotyped people because of racism, which is actually NOT true
-worst drivers on earth because they think they're so great when theyre behind their huge trucks and can do whatever they want, til they get out of their automobile and realize theyre just a typical pathetic Alabama person
-scum of the U.S.
-U.S. conservatives who dont like any change whatsoever
-thousands upon thousands of amendments to their constitution b/c the state government is so screwed up
-most overrated football teams (auburn and alabama), which, in fact, do suck and are not even close to being good academic schools
-NICEST people you can meet, though

Note: i do live in alabama and i do speak the truth
Non-alabama resident #1:
"you see that ugly, dumb, ignorant, out-of-style, arrogant, confederate flag wearing, racist, horrible driver, scum, conservative, really nice person over there?"

Non-Alabama resident #2:
"Yea, so?"

Non-Alabama resident #1:
"He/she must be from Alabama"
by Alabama resident June 04, 2005
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Alabama is a beautiful state, despite what you may have heard. The people are extremely nice, until you get to know them. Most people have Southern accents, they get thicker as you go further south. Intelligent people live there, but they are few and far between. The girls are pretty, but wear three pounds of make-up on their face so who knows what they really look like. Most people in Alabama are racist, whether they will admit it or not. People in the south in general are ignorant to the fact that not everyone from the North is a Yankee. Football is loved by all people, but rivalries are WAY to strong. People are very judgmental and talk about people behind their backs. The food is good, as long as you avoid fast food. I don't think we ever went to a fast food place and got exactly what we ordered. The state is full of very caring people, if only they cared about someone other than themselves for a change. Not a soul is caught dead on a Sunday morning anywhere but church. As for school systems, they need work, BAD. People don't accept ideas that don't match their own. Alabama is not full of rednecks like you might think, they are actually full of people who wear expensive clothes and have expensive things and are really shallow and just want people to think they are loaded. I lived in Alabama for many years, and when my friends and I got bored, the most fun thing we could think of was to go to Wal-mart, and you thought you lived in a boring state..
"You damn Yankees come down here and try to change everything."-The neighbor of a guy from the North who was re-doing the landscaping in his yard in Alabama
by SmileyVampire March 14, 2011
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. A place only good for making you feel smart in comparison to all the racist, drawling redneck dumbasses.

2.Good for hilarious stories and great laughs when you come back home, and having fun telling all your northeastern friends just how all the sterotypes about this god-forsaken rock are true.

3. Place where it gets so hot and humid you can barely breathe, Your allergies will kill you if the high insect population doesn't get to you first

4. A place where you can drive past slave cemetaries which are only open fields.

5. Still stuck in the 1950's, practacally segregated and interracial marriages are still taboo

6. just face it, if youre from AL youre a worthless piece of shit, America makes fun of you and don't even bother retaliating because noone can understand you anyway and your pathetic drawls get you laughed at even more!

6.Alabama's as close as you can get to a third world country without american ideals of innovation and freedom. so come here often...and appreciate northern living that much more!
ppl in AL arent any more polite, theyre just good at hiding their emotions and talking about you behind your back
by qooioop April 23, 2005
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A place that is not all fucking incest rasism and hicks. I swear if i read another fucking word about how people from Alabama are a bunch of ignorrant rednecks im going to be pissed. I live up north but grew up in alabama and I swear it isnt any different up here then it is down there. People just talk differently and are alot nicer down there. And, the women are hotter down there. J'sayin. all these chicks up here are pale and fat and ugly. :)
Jake(Yankee): alabama is such a stoopid state you guys, jesus, it is so dumbb and so racist you guys.

Mary Sue(Redneck): Shut the fuck up you mother fucking rude ass yankee. just the other day you were talking about how you think black dudes smell and how you think there all animals.
by Serikita June 29, 2011
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1. As you can read by the previous entries, a state filled with a bunch of people who need to act neglected and mis-understood over the internet to make themselves feel good. Also, a state filled with people who leave a deffinition practically identical to the last 8 deffinitions.

2. One of the best bands ever.
1. I'm from Alabama. Read me whining about how everyone steriotypes us! Wah! feel bad for us! Waaaaaaaaa! I'm gonna go on Urbandictionary and define it as a misunderstood state even though no one cares and 5 people already defined it as that!

2. Alabama is one of the few remaining highly popular bands that plays the old country.
by Bob Hope III April 03, 2005
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A silly state where no one wants to live. If you were born in Alabama you have no real future. Alabama is infected with poor people.
My names Bobby-Jo and I was born in Alabama, would you like some corn?

Aw shit Alabama isn't even worth a dictionary definition. Peace out bitches.
by CJDJ September 12, 2005
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A state in the Southeastern U.S.
Contrary to what some may some may claim, Alabama does indeed play host to certain literate individuals (including this definition's poster).
Alabama does not consist of racists, hicks, and rednecks any more than any other state. Everyone has their share, and hopefully, is moving away from that sad reality.
Alabama has several major cities, including Birmingham, Mobile, Huntsville, and Montgomery, as well as military bases of varying size and import.
Alabama is politically conservative, at least on the national front, but that does not necessitate that every single individual is an obnoxious Bible-thumper intolerant of non-mainstream-Christian practices, beliefs, and lifesyles.
Alabama's public education system could use some work, but that's true for many states.
Alabama is inhabited by all kinds of people, so of course induvidual experiences will vary based on location. Northern Alabama is very different in many facets of culture from Central Alabama, and both are equally distinct from Southern Alabama. Similar, again, to every other political region larger than a few square miles.
"Brah, I'm movin' to Alabama! Totally psyched!"

"Aren't they all evil, obnoxious, drunken incest babies running around with guns down there, who shoot you for being remotely different?"

"... No. No, they're not."
by AWaywardSon April 30, 2013
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