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The act of placing a pepperoni hot pocket in the microwave for 69 seconds then fucking the hot pocket until you ejaculate then giving the hot pocket to a slutty bitch then forcing her to eat it while she finder's her pussy while your fucking her in the ass.
"Bro last night I gave you mom an Alabama Hot Pocket"
"Dude ask your sister if she liked that Alabama Hot Pocket I gave her last weekend"
by bitcheslovesosa February 27, 2014
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When a guy vomits inside of a chick's vagina during sexual intercourse
Rob: I think I should break up with my girlfriend.
Jim: Why?
Rob: She wanted me to finish her with an Alabama Hotpocket... That's too messy for me.
by MagicalPonieOfDarkness July 17, 2014
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The act of shoving food into a female's vagina or a male's ass, sitting so the groin and crotch becomes warm, then removing the food and feeding it to another or consuming yourself.
Bro, it is so hot outside but this pizza is cold.
Dude, just Alabama Hot Pocket it and you'll be fine.
by OpieTaylor November 02, 2011
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The sexual act of defecating into a vagina and proceeding to have intercourse with the faeces filled vagina.

In other words its where you pull open a girls vagina and shit inside of her. Simple.
Sorry Dave, I can't come to the pub tonight, me and the wife are having an ALABAMA HOT POCKET to celebrate my promotion at work.
by Tess Buehler June 05, 2018
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