A sex move where one shits into the woman's vagina
Me and this girl last night were doing some kinky shit and then I gave her an alabama hot pocket
by Shaniqua McGee December 17, 2016
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The act of unloading a duece into a females open vagina. Then proceeding to pack your hog into the poop-filled opening.
After a night of drinking we talked Derek into giving Shiloh an Alabama HotPocket.
by LinkBNuttz October 12, 2009
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Often confused with "moon docking" or defecating into a vagina, the "Alabama Hot Pocket" is actually a term used by necrophiles to describe a cadaver in a body bag stashed in a cardboard box in a mobile home (or the trunk of a rusty '73 camaro) which has been heated by the mid-day sun.
"I went back to the trailer on my lunch break to have a 'date' with my 'lady'. Talk about a Alabama Hot Pocket- what, with this heat wave we're havin'!"
by nurtchle November 22, 2007
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While having sex you spread open the woman's vagina and shit in it, then close her legs and let it cook.
I was totally fucking this chick and she told me she was hungry so I cracked her open and gave her an alabama hotpocket.
by lasers for breakfast May 31, 2009
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an alabama hot pocket is a disgusting fetish where a male shits in a girls vagina and sticks his dick in it. or with a two girls a girl A shits in girl Bs vagina and licks it.
man i need to shit. want an alabama hot pocket.
by yunhobo September 02, 2009
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