One of the most smelliest people in town- enjoys saving the planet by sacrificing his shower times. A pro at making such annoying sounds with his mouth and hands. Needs a major amount of help from people around him. Cannot be left alone around food. Lethal with a can of beans!
Wow you pulled a real Aki today!
by Shmocks June 07, 2017
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Average Subaru driver.... loner. He doesn’t have a wife and kids but probably should by now. He doesn’t have a love. He goes to Panera every Sunday.... low quality Mexican. Lowlife. His actually name is casubaru. The best the one the only. Small ears and a flamingo tie. Taller than everyone and usually has dirty fingernails. Loves chipotle. Self obsessed and also hates this girl named Mikaela cuz she’s so ugh.
Akis said hi
by Unknown awesome crouton March 11, 2018
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The sexspecialist and I quickly undressed and were soon in the bed,
with black satin sheets and matching pillow cases, where I gave her aki
by CriostoirHulme August 07, 2005
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The Japanese version of a vsco girl. About 5’4”. She has such a graceful presence to her. She is going to be the president of the United States. She loves the color pink and sees the world through rose tinted glasses. She is so smart and cute. She has an entire galaxy of freckles on her cheeks. She appreciates long drives in the country and looking at the sky. Aki is overall a cool little lady.
Aki is the best gosh dang ice skater there ever was.
by thetruthanoutnames October 25, 2019
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aki aka aki mobil is a person. she will steal ur buff even tho u said wo de buff. she also ks kill in ML. she only use lunox and ruby. she cant even if her life depend on it us HANABI. she also had a problem for yeonhee and NCT

by Alicehatter April 22, 2019
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